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Aluminum Industry

FWS has been supplying quality refractory products and services to the Aluminum Industry for over 50 years. Foundries, die casters and industrial companies have relied on The Schafer Group to repair, redesign and reline all types of aluminum and industrial furnaces. We build new non-ferrous melting and holding furnaces using electric or natural gas, electric immersion element furnaces, launders, ladles and ingot casting lines. We also stock combustion components. Contact us for reline, redesign, repair services, training and materials for:

  • Design, Engineering, Start Up & Debug, Turnkey Installations
  • Wet Bath Reverbs, Dry Hearth Melters, Low Pressure Casting & Chip Melting
  • Low Energy Holding Furnaces – Gas Fired, Electric, Immersion Tube & Crucible Furnaces.
  • Launder Systems, Transfer Troughs, Transfer Ladles, Ladle Pre-Heat Stations.