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Profitably Casting Your Bottom Line!

Refractory Specialty Products

Burner blocks, wedge blocks, pre-cast launder sections…you name it, FWS can provide it. We have equipped our facilities to provide any cast and baked refractory shape you specify, usually within two days.

Standard configurations or cast shapes…FWS provides quick turn-around for all of your critical refractory components:

  • Door Relines and Door Blades
  • Well Covers
  • Pier Blocks and Base Blocks
  • Ladle Linings

Burner Blocks – QUICK!

A special service of FWS…Customer Burner Blocks in 72 hours! In most cases, if we already have the information, or if you can provide us with a part or a drawing, we will get a replacement burner block to you within three days.