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Furnace Facts, ROI’s & Energy Use Numbers - (Simple Solutions That Work! September, 2017)

The ‘Ranking of ROI’ expenditures for aluminum furnaces, in other words, how to get the biggest bang for your bucks from quickest-to-slowest investment recovery.

Download PDF: Click here to view the article.

Simple Solutions article



Why You Nees a Systems Integrator - (Simple Solutions That Work! April, 2017)

Where can you find someone who understands the data you need and how to display, capture and store it forever?

Download PDF: Click here to view the article.

Simple Solutions article



Electrically Heated Immersion Element Holding Furnaces - (Simple Solutions That Work! Sept, 2016)

Immersion element aluminum holding furnaces available for over 10 years and are finally gaining in popularity with North American manufacturers. Asian companies were the first to use them in the US and now they have really taken off in the die cast and foundry world for important energy efficient, clean metal producing, and low maintenance reasons...

Download PDF: Click here to view the article.

Simple Solutions article



Epcor Foundry Installs Schaefer Furnace

Epcor Foundry, a division of Seilkop Industries, recently installed a combination dry hearth and wet bath aluminum melting furnace from The Schaefer Group.

This gas fired furnace delivers degassed and filtered metal to the casting line – which gives Epcor the cleanest metal possible. The end opposite the dry hearth has a degassing unit and a filter with two electric elements in the ladle well end of the furnace, to maintain temperature stability during production.

"The Schaefer Combination Furnace gives Epcor the ability to produce higher quality parts more efficiently,” said Dave Seilkop, president of Epcor Foundry. “The unique ability of this energy saving combination furnace to also reduce metal loss with cleaner metal makes this an ideal choice for our aluminum part production,” he added. Installing the best equipment means producing better products at less cost for our customers – it's that simple!

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