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Furnace Parts & Linings

FWS also stocks a wide variety of furnace parts for all types of aluminum melting, holding and laundering applications. From thermocouples to crucible bowls, we can get you out of trouble fast. FWS houses an extensive inventory of furnace parts for immediate delivery:

  • Thermocouple Parts and Assemblies
  • Industrial Control Components
  • Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
  • Burner Parts and Assemblies
  • Tap Out & Drain Blocks and Cast Iron Plugs

Combustion System – Burners, Burner Blocks, Regulators, Valves & Blowers

  • Electrical Components – Heating Elements, Terminal Tubes, Straps & Clamps
  • Control Panels – Controllers, Transformers, SCR’s & Spang Units
  • Auxiliary Items – Crucible Bowls, Filtration, Degassers, Drain Blocks & Thermocouples
  • Specialty Products - Standard configurations or cast shapes
  • Schaefer Shield
  • Door Relines and Door Blades
  • Well Covers
  • Pier Blocks and Base Blocks
  • Ladle Linings
  • Burner Blocks - we provide custom burner blocks in 72 Hours!