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Profitably Casting Your Bottom Line!

Custom Designed Furnaces and Systems

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For over 85 years, The Schaefer Group has developed custom aluminum furnaces for die casting, permanent mold and sand foundries. We specialize in electric, gas, and propane as well as combination fuel furnaces for melting, holding and transfer.

We also custom design launder systems, crucibles, filtration and degassing systems. Our re-line and repair services can retrofit existing furnaces as well. We have probably custom designed more molten metal delivery systems than anyone else in the world. Over 85 years of experience makes Schaefer Furnaces the experts in Profitably Casting Your Bottom Line!


  • Custom Furnaces – that melt sows, ingots, and chips all in one furnace.
  • Custom Smaller Furnaces – including holding furnaces, crucibles and low pressure units.


These versatile furnaces meet the needs of a variety of metal casters, high and low pressure die casters, and permanent mold, sand, investment and lost foam foundries around the world.


  • Low Maintenance – Schaefer furnaces seldom need much attention. Anchored, monolithic linings are custom engineered and built to meet specific needs, and all furnace sections are completely accessible for easy maintenance.
  • Ease of operation – with full training on proper procedures and operating instruction as well as cleaning and fluxing these furnaces. No one provides better training than Schaefer Furnaces with every new furnace you buy.
  • Complete manuals – are provided in a CD format and are completely printable.


Furnaces range from 300#/hr. up to 26,000#/hr. and each one gets the same individual custom design benefits.


We custom design:

  • Gas, electric, or a combination can be used to melt aluminum or zinc in our dual fuel reverberatory furnaces.
  • Gas or electric low energy holding furnaces
  • Electric immersion element holding furnaces
  • Gas or electric crucible furnaces
  • Chip melting systems
  • Molten metal delivery systems
  • Over the road crucible pots for secondary applications
  • Ingot casting lines
  • Low Pressure casting system featuring “The Schaefer Valve”


Available options depending upon the furnace size are:

  • Alarm thermocouples
  • Filter silencers on blowers
  • Flue pressurization systems
  • Circulation and transfer pumps
  • Premium lining materials
  • Super insulated linings
  • Walkways and hand rails on larger furnaces
  • Individual burner controls
  • PLC and HMI capabilities
  • SCADA control data collection
  • Filtration
  • Degassing
  • Heat pipe heat exchangers
  • Idec displays