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Low Pressure Die Casting Systems

Crucible-Type LPCF

Schaefer’s Low Pressure Die Casting System (LPCS) is the latest in a long line of innovations. This system offers you the highest quality aluminum casting technology with the speed of conventional die casting.

The most technically advanced low pressure casting system provides turbulence-free fill through the mold bottom. This system uses the Schaefer Valve for non-turbulent transfer from a continuous Schaefer furnace (melted with utmost efficiency, degassed, filtered, at the exact temperature, at the exact time) supplying the LPCS.

This Low Pressure Casting System features:

  • Central melter
  • Molten aluminum filtration-degassing system
  • Electric heated launder
  • Schaefer Valve
  • Low pressure casting furnace


  • Highest Integrity Casting – no turbulence in the molten aluminum transfer and casting process means better castings.
  • Cleaner Metal – comes from no turbulence in the entire molten metal transfer process (elimination of oxides or gas entrainment).
  • Maximize Production Time – by continuous on-line furnace and casting equipment.
  • Reliable and low maintenance equipment – continuous production means no more production disruptions to just refill it.
  • Uninterrupted Production – via a large molten metal reservoir capacity in the delivery system.


This versatile furnace meets the needs of a variety of metal casters, high and low pressure die casters, and permanent mold, sand, investment and lost foam foundries around the world.


  • Low maintenance – change-out time on movable valve part is quick and easy (20-30 minutes).