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Schaefer Shield

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Schaefer Shield is a proprietary coating material that cleans the most difficult molten aluminum maintenance applications. Dross and oxide buildup are easily removed with a scoop. No more hammering (and damaging) refractory linings or tools. Steel or refractory can be coated with two different mixes.

Use Schaefer Shield for ease of cleaning molten aluminum from:

  • Furnace Cleaning Tools
  • Immersible Door Blades
  • Ladle Cups
  • Launders (periodic and continuous)
  • Pouring Boxes
  • Pump Components
  • Thermocouple Protection Tubes
  • Transfer Ladles
  • Troughs
  • Tundishes


  • Reduces labor – cleaning linings is easy and fast.
  • Reduces damage to refractory linings – remove buildup by simply scraping.


  • Mix with water and brush or spray, or simply dip the part into the Schaefer Shield.
  • No heat-up is required, and air dries in 14-20 hours.
  • Extremely non wetting!


Available in 5 gallon pails


  • Remove cutting oils from any steel surface you want to coat.