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Degassing Systems

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Tee Degasser

High quality aluminum is often selected for critical cast parts used in aircraft, automotive, and computer industries, as these growing markets require better quality, greater strength, and improved machineability.

Degassing systems are powerful tools used to filter out inclusions, which reduces flaws, voids, and brittle planes of fracture. While reducing inclusions, the metal acquires increased fluidity, greater strength and ductility, improved machineability and better surface finish. All of those benefits lead to reduced tool wear, fewer rejects and less rework.

Schaefer is a pioneer in the design and installation of degassing solutions. Our degassing solutions include porous plus technology, rotary sparging gas nozzles and degassing lances.


  • Reduce Hydrogen – to eliminate impurities to produce clean metal.
  • Reduce Porosity – to make stronger parts.
  • Reduce Inclusions – to make better surfaces.


Schaefer provides degassing systems for a variety of metal casters, high and low pressure die casters, and permanent mold, sand, investment and lost foam foundries around the world.