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Molten Metal Launder Systems

Launder coming from melter

The most technically advanced way to deliver molten aluminum from melting furnaces to holders and die casting machines is in a heated launder system. A launder minimizes turbulence and oxides in the molten metal. And, because the metal flows in a quiet stream to the holding furnace, it eliminates transfer labor and monorails, fork trucks and bull ladles. It automatically delivers the exact amount of metal you need – on-time and at temperature. Launder systems aren’t the answer for everyone. They must be carefully considered because they can reduce the flexibility of your plant layout. But they can be very cost-effective in the right application. We have both the technology and the creative designs to meet your needs. Our launders are well sealed, highly insulated and easy to clean.

Case Study:

Schaefer recently installed over 300 feet of launder at one of the most modern aluminum foundries in the U.S. to serve an array of melting, holding and filtration/degassing furnaces. Another 270 foot launder serves six vertical die casting machines and three central melt furnaces and another runs 110 feet from a filter furnace to the first 10 of what will be 24 interconnected holding furnaces when the installation is complete.


  • Metal quality – ensured through minimized turbulence and oxides.
  • Highly insulated – to maintain temperature.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reduces the need for transfer equipment.
  • Reduces manpower and fork lift maintenance.
  • Save ½ of 1% in metal melt loss caused by turbulent transfers into and from transfer ladles.


This versatile launder system meets the needs of a variety of metal casters, high and low pressure die casters, and permanent mold, sand, investment and lost foam foundries around the world.